When you surf in winter, the most important thing is to keep your extremities warm. The feet are the first organs to feel the cold, so we have made neoprene surf socks, warm and comfortable. The best models of surf booties are the Wetty "barefoot feeling", designed, tested and made by surfers, real !!! Our team riders wear our surf boots that will keep your feet and toes warm while feeling the board.

Once tried, you can then put your old surf shoes and other classic neoprene surf boots in your garage. You can use these neoprene booties for all sports that require surfers with surfing, paddling, kite flying, funboarding, wakeboarding ...

These surf shoes can be used as neoprene socks in all water sports (Kite, bodyboard, longboard, SUP, etc…)

BAREFOOT (barefoot sensation) in 3 and 5mm, with neoprene sock CONDOM in 1,5mm (winter 2017-18) ideal for wakeboarding, bodyboarding and bodysurfing, without forgetting the STRONG PERFORMA, ideal for towed footstraps, kitesurf , funboard / windsurf.

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