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WETTY SURF WETSUIT integral 3/3mm MESH - Japanese neoprene ASAHI


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WETTY SURF WETSUIT in Japanese Neoprene ASAHI 3/3 mm - MESH

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Take 1mm less thickness than your usual suit.

Allows you to surf in winter in 3mm

● Japanese neoprene LIMESTONE PREMIUM ASAHI PETROL FREE eco-friendly (lime based).

BACK ZIP with Batwing for no water entry.

● Sewn seams glued, waterproof.

● 100% sealed interior with GLIDESKIN BAND INSIDE technology.

● Natural LATEX interior stops at wrists and ankles.

● Reinforced SUPRATEX kneepads.

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At WETTY, we have been surfing for over 40 years. We have had the opportunity to surf all brands of wetsuits and we have always been attracted by the high-end Japanese brands (AXXE, LANTY, CYBER).  

In 2019, we were the first French brand to use Japanese Neoprene YAMAMOTO. The quality of the Neoprene was incredible because it allowed to surf a 3mm wetsuit in the middle of winter. The only reproach was the suppleness because it was slightly less flexible than the LIMESTONE PREMIUM. 

So we continued our quest for the ultimate Neoprene. After several months of research, we contacted ASAHI, a family company founded in 1973. For almost 50 years, ASAHI has been manufacturing neoprene for the Japanese market.  We tested their LIMESTONE TOP OF THE RANGE petroleum-free neoprene and we were surprised when we held it in our hands. 

Indeed the jersey used is ultra soft and really pleasant on the skin. 

Moreover, it does not soak up water like most of the jerseys on the market, which means that the suit remains light even when wet. 

Another obvious point is the density of the rubber (the black layer of neoprene) which guarantees the thermal barrier. Many surfers mistakenly think that a fleece lining makes a wetsuit warm. No, it is the quality of the rubber that makes a wetsuit warm. For example, wetsuits do not have a fleece lining. 

The ASAHI range allows you to take a suit that is 1mm thinner than usual. We were bluffed by the warmth of this neoprene (the warmest we have tested in 40 years of surfing). 

Finally, the flexibility of ASAHI. This neoprene unlike the YAMAMOTO is as flexible as our LIMESTONE PREMIUM. 

In summary, we have found our grail, the most flexible, warmest and lightest Neoprene but quality has a price. You have to take into account the longevity of our Neoprenes. We have found that our wetsuits keep their softness and warmth properties twice as long as the mainstream brands. Of course, an ASAHI is more expensive but in terms of cost of use over time it will be more durable and therefore more profitable. 

Welcome to the very closed circle of Japanese wetsuit owners.

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