We have been manufacturing and developing high-performance and eco-friendly products in

Biarritz since 2013.

Our barefoot sensation surfing boots are recognised worldwide. Many professional surfers like Josh KERR use them

because the grip of our shoes is unequalled. Professional surfers love them to make AERIALs because the board sticks to the boots.

We wanted to feel the board, feel warm and not turn our thumbs when we took off our boots. To meet these specifications,

we had the idea to create a real Neoprene sock coated with LATEX to have the best feeling and the best grip on the board.

The first prototypes quickly leave the BIARRITZ workshop and after multiple tests, the WETTY ORIGINAL is developed.

"We managed to get the feeling we were looking for", that's why we wanted to have the validation of surfers who wear

booties all year round. We then contacted our old buddy Thomas JONCOUR in Brittany who confirmed that he had never had

boots with such a feeling. It was this exchange that pushed us to launch our brand.

The manufacture of Neoprene Surf shoes and Wetsuits

In order to bring a truly innovative product to the market, we have developed our neoprene surf boots in the best and

most ECO-FRIENDLY materials:

- With an ultra elastic and ultra warm LIMESTONE neoprene allowing you to surf in 3mm where you would have surfed in 5mm.

- With a thin SUPRATEX sole that allows you to feel the board while remaining sturdy.

- With 100% natural LATEX which covers the soles and seams in order to obtain the ideal grip and maximum waterproofness.

- With patterns on the neoprene so that everyone can find their own style at WETTY.

- With a pattern that allows the surf shoes to be turned over to dry more quickly and avoid bad odours.

This is how we created WETTY, a brand of technical products made by surfers for surfers.

That's why you will find with us what others don't dare to do.

Today, our products are thought out in the Basque Country and designed in a small manufacturing workshop in Thailand to ensure

the best quality.

All the pieces are handmade with a quality control for each piece.

Collaborations with major brands (PROTEST / VOLCOM).

We have the privilege of making the combinations of the European teams of the PROTEST and VOLCOM brands.

In fact, professional surfers cannot have large series suits because they cannot stand the large number of hours spent in the water.

This is why we have drawn up ultra-demanding specifications and taken particular care with the finishes.

Crazy projects (realisation of wetsuits with LEDs for night surfing in BANQUE POPULAIRE advertising.

Antoine Besse from Big Productions and also Vincent Kardasik asked us to produce 8 wetsuits with LEDs in 3 days.

With elbow grease and imagination, in collaboration with the specialist in custom-made wetsuits Alain LABORDE, we took up this challenge.

To find out more: report on the filming of BANQUE POP

How to choose your surfing, kitesurfing booties...?

Our booties are cut like city shoes. It is useless to take one size smaller than some brands.

The important thing is not to step on the heel seam.

For the thickness, under water at 12°, it is advisable to take the 5mm fleece. Above that, 3mm are sufficient.

Instructions for use

Before the first use, the insole must be waxed because the latex leaves a thin film that can be slippery.

After the first use, it disappears.

We advise you to rinse your slippers with fresh water and to dry them by turning them over to avoid odours.

How to choose your surfing, kitesurfing... suit?

Choice of thickness :

STEAMER 2/2 mm : For water above 16°.

STEAMER 3/3 mm: For water between 13° and 17°.

STEAMER 4/3 mm: For water between 11° and 17°.

STEAMER 5/4 mm: For water below 13°.

Choice of the type of closure :

ZIPLESS: total freedom of movement but for surfers who are used to putting on wetsuits because the arm passage is more difficult.

FRONTZIP: Easy opening and closing. For everyone.